2019 Partner Profile: Zim Girls code

The Solve For XX Model is designed to leverage the knowledge, skills and expertise of in-country partners to ensure each Solve4XX Hackathon is practical, relevant an community-focused. Each Hackathon is conceptualized, designed, and developed in partnership with local community leaders, organizational partners, the consulting team and the backbone organization responsible for hosting and supporting implementation. This year, we are thrilled to be partnering with a regional ally and leader in the women in tech space—Zim Girls Code.

Founded by Faith Samera in 2015, ZimGirlsCode is on a mission to ensure all girls and young women have the tools, skills and support to enter into and advance within a global, technology-driven workforce. Through partnerships with leaders at the US Embassy in Zimbabwe, local school district staff, parents and teachers, and alongside regional innovators at The Tech Village, ZimGirlsCode provides training to over 250 school-aged girls per year. The program, which culminates with a final student-led project and presentation, aims to give each girl the opportunity to design their own web-based platform, website or mobile application prototype, in a safe, learning-friendly environment.

Meet the Advocates Changing the Future for Girls in Zimbabwe:



Faith Samera is a Youth Business Strategist and a Best Women Rising Award winner for Shoko Hub Unconference 2017. Her passion for technology stems from her current work experience of seven years with the largest telecommunications company in Zimbabwe, Econet Wireless. She is the founder of ZimGirlsCode, a non-profit organization that works with young girls by introducing and exposing them to technology in an effort to broaden and empower them with tools for the modern world. She is a YALI -Mandela Washington Fellow 2017 which consequently earned her a mentorship role under MasterCard Foundation Scholarship where she shares information regarding Transformative Leadership skills and mindsets. She is committed to working with young people in Africa from all backgrounds to ensure that they have access to much-needed information and opportunities that will see them contribute meaningfully to society.



The mission of ZimGirl'sCode is to advocate, educate and expose young girls to technology in a manner that broadens their skillset and equips them with tools and resources to advance in the modern world, becoming contributors to global economic growth.


ZimGirlsCode equips young women to become the creators of technology and affect the economy at large.


The young generation is rich with ideas and most of these go undeveloped due to lack of training and guidance. ZimGirlsCode believes in girls' ideas and subsequently teaches them to develop and sustain them as a business. Focused on computer science and tech skill building such as programing and application development, ZimGirlsCode provides young women and girls meaningful opportunities to develop practical, relevant skills through weekly courses, mentorship and community events.


Every girl child is gifted with a talent that best describes them and their uniqueness, which plays a major role in the career path they choose. Technology has sequentially taken over every industry. ZimGirlsCode makes it their duty to mentor and prepare girls for the future that they may grow to be substantial leaders in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Website: zimgirlscode.org

Facebook: @zimgirlscode

Twitter : @zimgirlscode



Cheryl is a media and development communications professional. Her years of experience contribute to her communications portfolios by demonstrating her strategic communications in developing and tailoring communications for different audiences, social media management, and public relations. Her career trajectory has seen her serve as an information officer, program coordinator and communication officer in various organizations. She has worked and championed various causes of women, transparency, good governance and poverty reduction at Transparency International Zimbabwe, the United States Mission in Zimbabwe and currently the World Bank office in Zimbabwe. Cheryl aspires to continuously learn and engage in meaningful ways that will contribute to make communications indispensable in development work. She holds a Master’s Degree in Development Studies from the Women’s University in Africa.


Dr Shingai Nyaguse is a medical doctor-MbChb, who studied at the University of Zimbabwe and received her degree in MMed Anaesthetics.vShe is currently working as a Consultant anesthetist at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare & in private practice. She holds a MSc Global Health Policy from University of London,LSHTM.Her passion involves empowerment of girls through education, equity in health services and STEM.