Closing gender gaps through collaborative, unconventional women-led social change hackathons.


Connecting diverse female leaders with xxpert volunteer teams for a high-energy, innovation-driven, 24-hour hackathon designed to SOLVE FOR XX.  


Locally Led

Each Solve For XX Hackathon is hosted partnership with a Solve For XX partner organization  — an innovative, women-focused community organization to ensure the 24-hour hack is collaborative, practical, sustainable and culturally competent. The hackathon aims to solve an issue impacting the organization's target audience — girls and women — who also participate in the full-day social change hack. 


Expert Supported

Diverse in experience, background and expertise, the Solve For XX Alliance — also known as our volunteer consultant team — are subject matter xxperts, award-winning innovators and dedicated solution-identifiers who focus on building the capacity of the local Solve For XX Ambassadors and parter organization teams so the hackalthon is locally designed and locally led.


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